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The shoefactory TOSCANO SHOES was founded in 1971 thanks to the Initiative of its owner Mr Sebastiano Alessandri, who starts his activity producing handcrafted clogs, which characterize the shoe sector of Lucca between the sixties and the seventies.

At the beginning of the decade after, as a result of the evolution of the market demand and of the acquisition of the necessary experience, the productive and above all the commercial activities undergo a big growth which leads the shoefactory to deal exclusively with the production of medium-fine shoes.

The constant commitment and the acquired skill have led to the attainment of a market segment capable to satisfy a production of more than 5000 pairs daily mainly for foreign customers.

Starting from 1991, together with the traditional production, the shoefactory makes a line of articles produced with KORAMEX®, the rain-resistant membrane. Three years later the company obtains the licence granted by the company AKZO NOBEL for the production of articies with SYMPATEX® membrane, increasing in this way the general quality levels and winning well-estabilished clients.